Return policy

"" return policy

Please read this policy carefully before registering on the drd3m website, charging your account, and requesting any of our services, and when you do so you acknowledge that you have reviewed

I have read and agree to this policy.

The return policy includes all the services of the drd3m  , including your account on the drd3m website, and it is represented in the following terms:

1 / It is not possible, nor in any way, to return the balance to your account again for your account in PayPal, cashu, or an approved payment method on the site.

2 / The balance in your account on the drd3m website cannot be recovered completely, but you can only use it to request services.

3 / The amount of any request is not canceled and refunded for any reason, except in the event that the drd3m site fails to complete the work or implement the request, the amounts paid will be returned.