Terms of Service

TERMS OF USE communication services site


Our valued customers, please read the terms of use method of communication services well before charging your account, and prior to making any new request :: ::


1. Community Services is not used only to promote the accounts and pages for you as an aspect only.


2. We do not guarantee followers interaction with you, we guarantee you simply number compared to the amount you pay.


3. We do not guarantee 100% that the accounts have a profile picture, and the Pew ... etc., although we strive to make all accounts a very high quality.


4. We guarantee make up the shortfall in the event of occurrence followers on Twitter Arab Gulf Services, Twitter followers High quality, followers Onstaqram Gulf Arabs, followers Anstaqram foreigners only, guarantee for 45 days, free of charge


5. In the event changed the account link does not make up the shortfall in case it happens, because the site registered by the account that was entered when the work request only link.


6. service YouTube views, we can not guarantee that the video is not close under any circumstances, make a new application at your own risk.


7. In the case requested an increase in followers or Aakat became Ongoing demand, you may request to cancel the service under any circumstances.


8. Returns Policy :: can not not in any way to re-balance your Paypal after shipment on the server, you can use to request services only.


9. You agree that once the payment and shipping your account, you will not play filed a complaint or a dispute against us for any reason.


10. If the complaint was filed or against conflict for any reason, we reserve the right to stop all previous orders and the current and future you, and the prohibition of the account from the site entirely, and we reserve the right to withdraw all followers of the account or the accounts of customers who the demand for them previously.


11. Do not be canceled and returned the amount of any request for any reason, except in the case of system failure to complete the work.


12. communication services has the right to cancel any application without warning and without explaining the reason for the cancellation.


13. There is a certain length delivery to any request nor to any service, if you are a dealer, "there is no longer your customers any specific delivery time" because the period of delivery of any application may change at any moment and this is due to any sudden renovation may play social sites.


14. Never work two different requests for the same account to link until the end of the first request in full, in this case will be only one extradition request and considering the second request is also incomplete.


15. In the case of Alanstaqram service asked or Twitter account status was changed to a special Otinaalaml, considered incomplete service, even if you open an account to the general again.


16. networking site services prices are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.


17. Disclaimer :: networking site program will not be responsible for any damage happens to the accounts, a new application at your own risk work.


18. networking site does not guarantee delivery within 24 hours Flores. We Anattiy no guarantee of delivery time at all. We offer the best Maldina all that we can to reach for the fastest time of delivery, but these estimates. We are not responsible for the loss of money or negative comments or ban because of delays in delivery. If you sell the mini-sites or services for personal customers, use the networking site at your own risk.


19. Registering with the networking sites and charge your account and make a new request for the full services, you agree to these terms, whether I read it or not.