To request a new service in the networking site, please follow the following:


Go to page balance

Charge your account via PayPal or local banks.

Click on a new request

Select the desired category

Select the required service

Enter the required information such as account link, or the picture and quantity

Read the notes next to the service before ordering

Purchase Service

Then you'll be taken to a page order book to follow up on your request


In case you have any queries, please send your new ticket from your account, you will be answered within 24 hours


Note :


Shipping account via PayPal are handled automatically and immediately

To charge the account through Saudi banks:


The lowest amount for charging the account is $ 10, equivalent to 40 riyals

Then send the transfer to the appropriate bank for you.

Al Rajhi Bank

Sami Abdul Rahman slaves



Sa 2280000236608010124143

Riyad Bank

Ali Sami Salman slaves


Ahli Bank

Ali Sami Salman slaves


Development Bank

Mariam Hassan discord


After transmission, open ticket and write transfer information completely: adapter name, mobile number, number assignment, the bank, the amount.

You will be verified installment and charge your account within 12 hours.

Important note: be shipped your account in US dollars by "global exchange rate of the dollar compared to the SAR."